New books on Los Al-Rossmoor and Seal Beach History

Here are two books that cover the local history of two communities.

by Larry Strawther — History Press $17.99

Square-Seal Beach History-300x250The wooden pier, tree-lined Main Street and ocean views, coupled with a prosperous and happy community, led Forbes magazine to name Seal Beach one of the five friendliest towns in America.  getting there, however, was a bumpy adventure.  Starting in the 1860s as the port of Anaheim Landing, the finest seaport in what would become Orange County, it soon became a summer retreat for squatters anhd illegal saloons.  Despite the efforts of real estate developers to turn the town into an amusement resort and an early center for aviation and motion pictures, Seal Beach became neighboring Long Beach’s tavern, brothel and gambling destination.  But order and prosperity eventually prevailed to create today’s quiet residential city.  Join author Larry Strawther as he tracks Seal Beach’s evolution from raucous port to cherished community.

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by Larry Strawther — History Press $17.99

The City of Los Alamitos and the Contiguous, unincorporated community of Rossmoor exemplify small-town America amid the populous western Orange County sprawl.  Their tree-lined streets, well-kept homes and first rate schools are reflected in Rossmoor’s selection as the No., 1 suburb in California (and No. 9 nationwide) in a 2012 study by Coldwell Banker Realty.  The evolution of Los Alamitos from cattle ranches and rough sugar beet factory town to World War II military town and ultimately into residential neighborhoods took a century.  meanwhile the planned “walled city” of Rossmoor was created between 1955 and 1961.  Despite annexation talk, Rossmoor and “Los Al” coexist apart together, so to speak, on Long Beach’s outskirts.  Author Larry Strawther traces the histories of these interdependent sister communities, which epitomize the reality in the legend of the Orange County lifestyle.

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