HistPr - Seal Beach cover - REV   After a year and a half of writing (and far longer than that for procrastination) yours truly has just turned in his final proof manuscript for our new book “Seal Beach: A Brief History” which will  unleashed on the unsuspecting public at the end of March.
It’s 224 pages covering Seal Beach’s early days as Orange County’s first port, first amusement park (with rides) not to mention it’s delightfully sketchy days as a rum-running haven and gambling center, and its central role in the growth of surfing.

Also included is new information on some of the characters who played a role in the town’s development — daredevil wing-walking aviators (including one who became head of the new Chinese Air Force) , stars from silent movie, a failed real estate salesmen who with the help of a Seal Beach fireman developed one of the world’s first turbines to produce energy from wind (using a leftover motor from the Joy Zone roller coaster), famous rum-runners,  and Main Street and Gambling Ship gamblers who would later build and run the first big casinos on the Las Vegas strip.
If you are one of those troubled souls who like local history or need something to help them go to sleep at night  and you want to reserve a copy, email me.  (larrystrawther@gmail.com)

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