The new growing town of Los Alamitos offered great opportunities to the open farmlands of the Hellman Ranch, but it also caused unintended problems for landowner I.W. Hellman, as articulated by his land agent, Philip A. Stanton.  The Landing, which had always been a summer resort area, suddenly held even more appeal to a larger influx of people who came to Los Alamitos looking for work.

April 19, 1897
PA Stanton
Eal Estate Insurance

Mr. I.W. Hellman, S.F.

Dr Sr
People already beginning to move to Anaheim Landing and ignore the fact that you are the owner of the property they occupy, and should have first obtained your consent.
For the past two years we have used every effort to have hem take leases for a nominal consideration, some few did so, but the majority refused to either do so, or move off. Last year we secured the services of Mr. Melrose, an attorney in Anaheim, to help persuade them that they had no right there, but little was accomplished.
Every moral effort having failed, nothing remains but ejectment? Have considered every other method, fencing property, moving houses off site, but they would result in no permanent good, the only proper course is a suit. Should advise that the most responsible and prominent of the squatters be selected and a suit filed against them. This would scare the small fry and make a judgment for cost good. These people, like most Anaheimers, understand but one law, that of force. Reason with them avails nothing, outside of attorney fees, it should not cost over $150 for everything. There is no question about the outcome , the patent and late surveys established your case.
Action should be commenced at once. People are already moving down, and if permitted to remain, the new settlers at Los Alamitos will follow suit, thus entailing more costs. There are 31 houses on your land,. Very truly. P.A. Stanton
Attached to the top I a newspaper article:
Arrangements are being made to give a dance at Anaheim Landing May 1st. The dance will begin ta on o’clock and continue until 4. It has not yet been decided whether their will be dancing in the evening. La Rue’s String band will furnish the music.



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