Originally printed in the Enterprise, 27 OCT 1957

Rossmoor Homeowners Assn. formed at Sunday night meeting at Congregational Church.

Ross Dorsett is appointed temporary chairman. Appointed as temporary executive board of the association are: Luther Robinson, Willis Clark, John Both, Mrs. Tom Tripp, David Battin, Robert Fullaway, B.W. Gilfillian, Ellis Warmpler, Dr. Goodwin-Malmouth, Lawrence Michealsen, and Eli Buchovich.

A resolution presented by OC Supervisor Willis Clark requesting any move towards incorporation be placed in abeyance for a year until 1) more residents/voters move into the area and 2) a thorough study of the issue could be raised was passed with only 12 dissenting votes.

William Cheney, who sponsored the original motion said he and Ross Cortese had discussed “dropping the whole thing,” if enough of the residents indicated they did not want to incorporate. He added the only reason they wanted to incorporate in the first place was because they thought it would help their sales.

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