No one disputes that coyotes were in this area before man, but here is some evidence of their audacity.

October 3, 1896 – LA Times, p13

In the Anaheim column:

A correspondent from Alamitos near the factory site asks in the Anaheim Gazette:  What are we to do with the coyote element?  We can’t get a winkm of sleep with their discordant howls, and they have grown so audacious, too, that one would swear they had got a “right of way,” not only through our barns, but through our bedrooms, too.  One of the varmints got up on his hund legs and looked through the window at an unprotected female just as she was in the act of disrobing.  A general hunt should be norganized and as another preventitive, all the tules should be burned down so as to do away with their hiding spaces.

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