When the Navy started to close down their operations at NAS Los Alamitos, ne of the options that got some serious attention for a short period of time was a proposal to convert the site to a major regional airport. Apparently Orange County (John Wayne) airport was not fully expanded to handle major jet traffic at this time.   Los Alamitos, as well as neighboring communities, quickly reactd negatively to the idea — as seen from this article in the Anaheim Bulletin.


1979, Feb. 8 – Anaheim Council Unanimous:  Los Al Airport Opposed

Bulletin Staff Writer

ANAHEIM— A resolution opposing Los Alamitos Naval Air Station as a possible site for a major jet airport was passedby the city council this week.

Council members voted unanimously to oppose the site, one of several under study by a Federal Aviation Administration commission.

Councilwoman Miriam Kaywood said the Aviation Work Management Commission is working with a regional agency, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), to determine where an international airport could be located in Orange County.

The council is already on record opposing another possible site in the Chino Hills area.  Both sites are considered too close for comfort by Anaheim and other north Orange County cities.

Last week Kaywood said Supervisor Ralph Clark was in favor of the Los Alamitos site and the council postponed action until talks with the Supervisor were concluded.

But Tuesday Mayor John Seymour reported that Clark was not in favor of the site.  “He assured me that he opposes the use of Los Alamitos,” Seymour said.


A few years later the Los Alamitos Council suported the idea of converting the soon to be close El Toro Station to a major airport.  This idea would be successfully opposed by the surrounding and other South Orange County cities.


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