Seal Beach Main Street - early 1960's

The photograph to the left goes to show that Main Street in Seal Beach has changed quite a bit over the past fifty years (and for the better, we think  —  although there is a certain charm of sorts to its previous treeless  landscape.)

To see larger versions of this photo and more of Seal Beach’s past life, check out Mike Dobkins’ Founders Day blog.  Dobkins has done a good job collecting, and analyzing photos showing the town’s history as captured at certain moments in time – from its early bathers at Anaheim Landing, through Joy Zone postcards, the 1933 Earthquake, 1930s law enforcement personnel and James Dean lookalikes on Main Street in the 1950s.

Dobkins and Libby Applegate have also posted some good pictures on Seal Beach surfers and lifeguards in the 1950s and 1960s. on the Founders Day Facebook site.

We still haven’t seen anything yet on Seal Beach life north of the 405, but we have it on good authority that stuff did happen up there, so we await eagerly.

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