Seal Beach has a party coming up — and while to our minds maybe it should officially be called Incorporation Day instead of Founders Day — it still will have lots of events to attend and help celebrate the city’s 95th Birthday.

There’s going to be a dinner/dance on Saturday night, October 2nd at Old Ranch Country Club.   Sit down dinner and dancing with music by the Emperors.   Silent auction and drawing.   Tickets available at city’s recreation dept. or by calling 562-598-9044, $75.00 each.  All proceeds from the events go to the city’s Parks and Rec department.

There will also be a tennis tournament and golf tournament during the weekend between the 2nd and 9th and on October 10th there will be a parade with festivities on the greenbelt in Old Town Seal Beach.   There will be vendor booths, music, games and rides.

For those interested in local history and old photos, Michael Dobkins has been posting some good stuff at the Seal Beach Founders Day blog.

So why do we think it should be called Incorporation Day?  Because the community was actually founded and heavily promoted in 1903, and founder Philip A. Stanton started calling it Seal Beach in 1913.  The incorporation  in 1915 was motivated more by the its necessity to legally allow drinking at the restaurants being planned for its new Joy Zone Amusement area than anything else.  And that’s our boring historical tidbit of the day.

To know more about Seal Beach Founder Phillip A. Stanton than you ever wanted to know, take a look here.

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