Long Beach Independent, April 13, 1963, p.B1

Foe of Extremists Quits School Race


A staunch supporter of Los Alamitos Schools withdrew from the school board race Friday because of what she called “mudslinging and name-calling.”

“I am withdrawing as a candidate in the hope that my supporters will vote for other candidates who believe in good schools,” said Mrs. Barbara Danielson of 11782 Argyle Drive.

The election Tueday will climax a violent attack of several months duration on the quality of education in the district,” she claimed.

Mrs. Danielson believes the cntinuing attack on the schools is based on misinformation.  “If the critics would only take the time to see what their children are doing in school, to visit the classrooms, to attend board meetings and meet with the district administration, I do not believe they could make the statements they are making.”

“We have one of the finest educational programs in Southern California.”

Mrs. Danielson, a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles for five years was a teacher in Torrance.  She was an unsuccessful candidate for the school board two years ago.

“The word is going around that I am a Communist,” she said.  “SActually I am a Republican.  It is most unlikely that my husband would be allowed to handle top-secret information if there were any doubt about my loyalty.” Her husband, Harold, holds a supervisory job at Autonetics.

“There are many people who think there are only two sides to any question — right and left,” she continued.  “If you don’t agree with them, they call you a Communist.”

“This campaign has become childish and vicious.  It is no less childish because some of its leaders are in their fifties or sixties.”

“They have waged a bitter fight against our textbooks and library books, but they haven;t been able to suggest any improvements.  Their position is negative.”

“This is a fine school district with able administrators and excellent teachers.  I hope that it won;t be ruined by the actions of a handful of extremists.”

Although Mrs. Danielson has withdrawn from the race, her name will appear on the ballots, which already have been printed.  She is in the position now of campaigning to keep people from voting  for her.

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