For most of the time prior to the founding of the Los Alamitos townsite and sugar factory in 1896, the Anaheim Gazette was the primary source of news for happenings around Los Alamitos.  Sometimes these blurbs were published in a section called “Alamitos Notes” but occasionally they were in other parts of the paper as well.


10 JAN 1895 – Anaheim Gazette,

LAND TRANSACTIONS(for week ending Dec. 31, 1894).  Stearns Ranchos Co. to P.A. Stanton N ½ of SW ¼.  Sec 6, T4 R 10, 21 acrea

ALAMITOS NOTES — The roads between here and Anaheim are all but impassable and in some places the water lies on them to a depth of three feet.  Well, it’s a bad wind blows nobody good.  It has been terrible weather on clothes and shoes and the dry goods men of the Mother Colony will naturally rejoice.

Ike Williams, the popular land surveyor, has been grading the road leading to Mr. Gilbert’s and whose finished road will be as popular as Ike himself.  Good roads are the backbone of an agricultural country.

“Work owing to the flooded condition of the fields, is still a standstill but as the soil of Alamitos, is almost all sandy, we will soon be busy making up for lost time.

What with the big beet crop and the immense harvest in prospect, work at good wages will be true of the summer in Los Alamitos.

There is quite a feeling working up amongst us as to the location of the new school that is to be.  Many people want the old building raised a story and an additional teacher employed while others go in strongly for a new building in the vicinity of Mr. Carrol’s big barn.  I wish they would build it nearer me and appoint a janitor.  I would dearly love to pick up a little more learnin.

January 21, 1895 –

LAND TRANSACTIONS – Stearns Rcho Co. to P.A. Stanton.  West 14 acres of SW ¼ of NE ¼ of Sec. 8, T4, R10, #10

“one sp__ beet cultivator. superio beet cultivator, equip. 4-row, has been used to plant 50 acres.

Feb 21, 1895 – Anaheim Gazette – Alamitos Notes:  New school wanted

March 23, 1895 – Anaheim Gazette – a meeting is called by the dissatisfied stockholders of the Pacific Sugar Co. to discuss concerted action.   25 stockholders.  383 shares.  E.F. Dyer has 300 shares in Cooperative Beet Company.


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